Superyacht captain says sex and drug parties are common amid Russian oligarch sanctions

A superyacht captain has revealed how Russian oligarch yacht owners often indulged in wild sex parties, prostitutes and whoppingly expensive clean-up crews to hide the traces.

It’s uncommon to hear insider accounts of life on the yacht, but as the owners and their well-paid crew come under fire following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the captain has come forward to share details of life at sea.

The captain, who has worked with some of the wealthiest boat owners for fifteen years, claimed he hopes to highlight how rich Russian owners are hiding behind a “mess of shell companies”.

“They’re operated in a super-secretive way so they can use them and deflect attention from the ownership,” the captain told The Guardian.


He has requested to remain anonymous due to a myriad of confidentiality contracts.

According to the captain, some non-disclosure agreements are mandatory when just even interviewing for the job.


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And you can allegedly even be fired for posting pictures of the yacht on social media.

Some employees even have to sit polygraph lie detector tests to prove they have been keeping things on board confidential.

On board the superyachts prostitution is an open secret, according to the captain, who claims that women are regularly travelling by boat to get onto the yacht.


He claims that life on board the yachts are is “very sexist and ageist and racist”.

The captain suggested that female employees have to submit full-length photographs of themselves if they want to be hired and those from poorer countries have little chance of being hired.

The captain said: “The owners want to hook up with the stewardesses. It’s quite crazy, and disgusting.”