Sir Blayke Eliminated on ‘American Idol’

Regrettably, “American Idol” powerhouse singer Sir Blayke has just been eliminated from the reality TV show. The ouster came at the end of Sunday’s three-hour Top 20 reveal episode, with Ryan Seacrest delivering the bad news to the formerly homeless singer. “We heart you, too!” Ryan told Sir Blayke after he held up his hands in the shape of a heart for all of his fans to see. At 28 years old, he was the most experienced singer still in the competition. Did the voters mess up by cutting Sir Blayke from the Top 24? Vote in our poll below that asks which eliminated contestant was most robbed.

Sir Blayke’s “American Idol” audition was shown in full during the fifth episode of the season. He explained to the judges how he had experienced homelessness in his life, but didn’t want that setback to prevent him from reaching his dreams. He auditioned with “Dive,” but Katy Perry wanted to hear one of his original songs, too. He started in on his own music a cappella, but still didn’t wow the judges. Luke Bryan actually gave him a “No” vote, while Lionel Richie and Katy both said “Yes.”

In Hawaii, Sir Blayke’s showcase performance of “Breakeven” impressed our “Idol” reviewer Vincent Mandile, even though he worried it might be “forgettable.” He wrote, “I think that Sir Blayke had a great vocal this week with a perfect song choice. In the end, the performance ended up being a bit forgettable though. So I would recommend working on the latter in order to really be competitive in this competition.”

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On Sunday night, the two eliminated contestants from the first group were Danielle Finn and Scarlet. Bad news for those two meant great news for the other 10 singers from Group 1, as they all advanced to the Top 20 based on America’s votes. They are: Jay CopelandElli RoweTristen GressettSageMike ParkerEmyrson FloraDan MarshallJacob MoranHunterGirl and Nicolina.

As for Group 2, Kenedi Anderson‘s withdrawal meant that there would be only one person eliminated on Sunday night. That ended up being Sir Blayke. Thus, the 10 artists from the second group who made it into the Top 20 are: Cadence BakerAllegra MilesLady KAva MaybeeNoah ThompsonLeah MarleneCameron WhitcombChristian GuardinoKatyrah Love and Fritz Hager.