Ohio GOP Gov. Candidate Stands Next To Sign Emblazoned With Swastika Of Syringes

Ohio GOP gubernatorial candidate Joe Blystone posed for a photo in front of a sign featuring a Nazi swastika made out of syringes.

The sign also featured the anti-vaccine mandate slogan “NO JAB NO JOB.”

Blystone, who’s previously said he’s not anti-vax or anti-mask but “pro-choice,” called for “actions not words” in his tweet shared online Friday.


“What were my opponents doing the last two years?” asked the cattle farmer, who is considered a longshot in the race to unseat incumbent Gov. Mike DeWine (R). “Were they fighting shoulder to shoulder with the people? NOPE!”

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“May 3rd you will decide tyranny or FREEDOM!” Blystone added in a rallying call for primary election day on Tuesday.

Blystone has not commented further on his use of Nazi symbolism, reported the Ohio Capitol Journal.



Updated: May 3, 2022 — 9:38 am