Larry Bird’s Legendary Trash Talk Was Also Aimed At Teammates In Practice: “This Dude Used To Walk Into Practice Every Day And Go, ‘Sorry Pinck, I Gotta Kick Your A** Today’.”

Larry Bird is known for his amazing shooting, his incredible presence on the court, and his immense charisma, there is a reason the man is in almost every NBA fan’s Top 10 players of all time. However, the one aspect of Bird’s game that fascinates people just as much, if not more than anything else he’s done, is his legendary trash talk. Bird was a terror in his day and the stories of him destroying opponents with his words before following it up with his play are legendary.

However, it was not just his opponents that were having to deal with Larry and his endless competitive spirit, it was also his teammates. The superstar always took practice very seriously, and that meant his trademark trash talk often found his way to teammates. Former Celtic Ed Pinckney, who was with the team from 1989 to 1994 spoke about what it was like going up against Bird in practice.

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Bird tormented players up and down the league as well as when he was just coming up in college. A player doesn’t achieve Top 10 ever status without having that competitive fire within them, and Bird had a lot more of it than most people. His stories as they continue to come out will never cease to amaze and excite.

Updated: April 18, 2022 — 5:13 am