International Short Term Health Insurance

When you are travelling for a few months or maybe moving overseas but your unsure how long you will be away for, you should consider using our short term cover. We can cover you for less than 12 months with exactly the same level of cover as the Standard international health insurance plan.

A International short term health insurance policy is an health agreement between a policyholder and an insurer that is in place for a limited time. It gives you temporary coverage during a lapse in permanent coverage, protecting you from expensive medical bills that arise from unexpected health changes or emergencies.

Many short-term international health insurance plans can help protect you from the high cost of medical care, help you access high-quality medical services, and ease some of the stress of dealing with unfamiliar medical systems.

Major Benefits of  International Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Healthcare policy can provide comprehensive cover from a minimum of 2 to 11 months. Instant healthcare cover, 24-hour support, and unrestricted access to hospitals will give you peace of mind for however long you are overseas.

Note: It does not cover for pre-existing conditions

Examples of pre-existing conditions: any condition, disease, Illness or injury, secondary or associated complaint where You have sought or received advice, Treatment, therapy, been submitted to a special diet or shown symptoms in the two years prior to Your Effective Date of the short term health insurance policy.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Short term medical insurance


  • Competitive costs are often lower than major medical plans
  • Coverage becomes effective quickly, normally within 1-14 days
  • Coverage is easy to cancel at short notice, especially if you have a month-to-month payment plan


  • Not renewed automatically
  • Limits on how many times you can renew them
  • Temporary health insurance plans typically don’t cover all ten categories of essential benefits
  • Not all states or insurance providers across the U.S. offer short-term medical insurance

Best Short Term Medical Insurance For Travel Abroad

Cigna Healthcare:

Plan flexibility: You are able to cancel your plan any time by giving us 14 days’ notice, with no cancellation or administration fees applied. There is no minimum length of cover and you will be refunded for unused period of cover if you didn’t make a claim.

Comprehensive care: Inpatient and outpatient treatment, mental health coverage and cancer care in your core cover.

Country-specific coverage: Only pay for coverage where you need it most: your country of residence and country of nationality, as well as out of area emergency coverage for unexpected medical needs.

Added protection: Through a range of preventative cancer screenings, routine health checks and counselling and coaching sessions for both emotional and physical support.

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Expatriate Group:

Whilst Expatriate Group will always remain dedicated to providing long term health insurance, we understand that temporary medical insurance would suit many expats, travellers, and volunteers. Those on overseas secondments, students studying abroad, and travellers who do not want to return home for treatment can all benefit from purchasing their overseas iPMI in smaller periods.

Therefore, short term medical insurance could be the best health insurance option for individuals overseas for periods of 2 to 11 months. Opting for our short term health insurance provides the comprehensive protection our customers are used to, just for a shorter amount of time.

Primary plan: The Primary Plan is aimed at covering you when you need it most. It includes inpatient and day-patient medical costs plus follow-up outpatient treatment and the Emergency Assistance and Repatriation benefits. The Primary Plan also provides you with cover to protect you against larger financial commitments.

Primary+ Plan: Our Primary+ Plan is based on our Select Plan without the elective services. It is an intelligent medical cover package, which competes favourably with most other providers’ flagship products. Primary+ gives you access to your family doctor; inpatient, day patient and outpatient cover with reimbursement for specialists, physicians, chronic cover and alternative treatment (such as osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture).


Atlas Insurance Plan

Many times the primary medical insurance in your home country will not cover you while traveling abroad. Also, it will not provide important services, perhaps essential ones, in the event of an illness or injury. Atlas Insurance includes crucial features such as translation assistance while being treated, doctor and hospital referrals, and assistance replacing lost prescriptions.

WorldTrips, the plan administrator, provides 24/7 customer service for Atlas Travel Medical insurance members. They also many other services you’ll need if you run into difficulty while abroad, from simple things such as lost luggage to a crisis like a terrorist attack. In the event of medical emergencies, political evacuations, and natural disasters, WorldTrips will provide you with assistance in making emergency travel arrangements.


Axa Global Healthcare

Unlike travel insurance, a short-term international health plan will cover your general health as well as emergencies. That means you are covered if you need to have a scan or break your leg – you won’t need to wait until you get home to get the treatment you need.

We’re available 24/7 too, so there’s always someone to speak to in your language. We have the knowledge to help you navigate the local healthcare system or help you with your claim.

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Above are some good short term health insurance companies you can use to acquire short term health insurance when travelling internationally or when you have need for short term health insurance.

However, what ever is your reason for short term health insurance do well to make adequate enquiry about the cover to know which best suit your need.

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