Simple tips to cancel your Crunchyroll membership

In this articles you will be given simple steps you can adopt to cancel your Crunchyroll membership – “How to cancel Crunchyroll membership”.

CRUNCHYROLL is an American distributor, publisher, and licensing company that mainly deals on streaming Anime, Manga, and Dorama. Founded in 2006 by a group of University of California, Berkeley graduates, Crunchyroll’s distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to 70 million registered users worldwide.

Crunchyroll offers a free library of anime and manga, soon to include original series, via its website or the streaming platform VRV, but a premium membership is required to stream simulcasts and watch ad-free videos. Crunchyroll Premium also includes a discount at the platform’s merch store.

In the past Crunchyroll was mostly used for streaming but thanks to the newly updated feature you can download Anime, Manga and Dorama for offline purposes. Crunchyroll has introduced two new paid tiers for its subscribers. These new tiers give you the opportunity to view and download videos offline. This is a great feature for people that travel a lot or do not wish to spend their cellular data watching anime episodes.

You can easily cancel your renewal at any time after the first 24 hours. You can do it online, any time of day, no fee charged to cancel membership. But note subscriptions won’t be refunded if you cancel your membership.

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To cancel your membership with Crunchyroll there are several ways to achieve that as shown below;

One way to cancel your Crunchyroll membership is to do it manually from your account billing page. Follow the steps as shown below:

• Log in to your account
• Go to your Account Billing page
• Click the Cancel button

Or you can cancel by using a web form.


If you’re not satisfied with the manual way of doing it you can choose to fill out a web form found on the company’s website. To do this effectively follow the steps below:

• Open to the Submit a request page
• From the dropdown menu select Account/Login
• Fill out the form and provide your account details
• Click Submit

You may be paying through Credit Card, PayPal, or iTunes. You can also cancel using your payment or subscription method. To pull this off follow the laid out steps below.

Credit Cards

If you use your credit card to subscribe follow the given steps;
• Log into your Crunchyroll account
• Go to the Account page
• Select Cancel


If you use PayPal to subscribe follow the given steps;
• Log into your PayPal account
• Find and select your Crunchyroll subscription
• Select Manage Crunchyroll Payments
• Select Cancel


• Log into
• Find the last Crunchyroll charge and select the charge.
• When the charge information is pulled up, please select the ‘Manage Crunchyroll Payments’ option.
• Lastly click cancel.
Make sure to Confirm Yes to stop reoccurring payments.

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Please be aware that Free Trials cancel immediately. With a paid subscription you can disable recurring payments on your Premium Membership instead of canceling immediately and then enjoy the remaining paid time on your account.