How to Become a Mortgage Loan Officer with No Experience

One thing for sure is that it is possible to become a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) with no experience. You can go to a mortgage broker school, get a license and learn the business on the job. I can assure you that this is what most workers who are now experienced in the field have been and it is a constant learning process as things change in the industry almost daily.

How to Become a Mortgage Loan Officer with No Experience” – Yes this is achievable, keep reading.

There is a tremendous opportunity in this business to make a good living and what is more important is helping people with the biggest purchase that they will ever make. So, with that in mind, in this article, we will discuss how you can become a Mortgage Loan Officer even without experience. Don’t worry, if this is what you are looking for we’ve got you covered!

How to Become a Mortgage Loan Officer with No Experience

Here are things to do;

Comply with the minimum standards

You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED to work as a mortgage loan officer. Try to take math and finance-related classes in school to begin developing the information and skills needed to become an MLO.

Take all required pre-licensure courses

Mortgage loan officers must complete certain pre-licensure courses, according to the National Mortgage Licensing Service (NMLS), to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the job. These courses last 20 hours and include topics such as:

  • Federal law and regulations (three hours)
  • Sections on fraud, fair lending, and consumer protection issues are included in the ethics section (three hours)
  • In the non-traditional mortgage product industry, there is training on lending requirements (two hours)
  • Additional information on the origination of mortgages (12 hours)

Courses on your state’s mortgage lending rules and other state-specific issues are also required education. Visit the NMLS website to learn more about state-by-state education requirements.

Find out what your state’s licensing requirements are

Obtaining a valid mortgage origination license is the next step in becoming an MLO once you complete your pre-licensure courses. These licenses are issued by state agencies, and each state has its own requirements for acquiring MLO certification. You’ll also have to pay an MLO license fee, which varies by state.

Successfully complete the SAFE MLO test

You must also pass the SAFE (Secure and Fair Enforcement Act) MLO test with a minimum score of 75 percent to get your mortgage loan officer license. This test assesses your understanding of federal and state mortgage lending legislation. The test can be retaken, however there is a 30-day waiting time for retakes. You must wait 180 days to retake the SAFE MLO test after taking it three times.

Keep your license active

You must maintain your license current after receiving it by following certain conditions, such as keeping your information up to date. For example, if you start working for a new company, you must tell the NMLS so that your unique identifier can be updated. To learn more about deadlines, fees, checklists, license renewal, and changing your mortgage loan officer information, go to the NMLS website.

Keep your studies going

To be eligible for license renewal, mortgage loan officers must complete eight hours of NMLS-approved continuing education each year. This education must contain the following:

  • Three hours of federal regulations and law
  • Two hours of ethics training on topics like as fraud, fair lending, and consumer protection
  • Two hours of lending standards training for non-traditional mortgage products
  • One hour on mortgage origination services, which you can earn by completing a state-specific course.

Acquire experience

Work as a mortgage loan officer when you’ve completed all of your schooling and licensing requirements. You can work independently, but for your first MLO job, you should look for work at a reputable mortgage lending firm, bank, or credit union.

Mortgage Loan Officer abilities

Consider learning the following abilities to be an effective MLO:

MLOs use simple language to explain numerous loan options to borrowers, keep them up to date on their loan status, and link them to helpful resources. They can use interpersonal skills to engage with borrowers and make the loan process go more smoothly.

MLOs frequently work on numerous loans at the same time, this organization is a key skill to master. It also makes it easier for them to stay on top of their ongoing education and licensing obligations.

Attention to precision is especially important for MLOs because they work with a lot of figures and individual loan criteria. They can use this competence to ensure that interest rates, loan amounts, and borrower information are accurate.

MLOs should have in-depth financial expertise to assist borrowers in making educated selections. They spend the majority of their days examining customers’ finances, including credit scores and income, to see if they qualify for various loans.

Do Mortgage Loan Officers make good money?

While Some do, some don’t.

Being a mortgage loan originator is primarily a sales job. Anyone who can generate new purchases and refinance business can earn a handsome income. Loan officers who sit waiting for business to come to them, or who rely on company-supplied leads may earn a respectable living but not what I would call “good money.”

There are loan originators who earn seven figures annually. They are in the elite category, but what those high-producing loan officers do is not magic. They know all the technical aspects of the business and they have created many referral partners and repeat clients because they produce results for their clients and referral partners.


Are you thinking “How to Become a Mortgage Loan Officer with No Experience”, here you have it. You can follow the tips in this post to achieve your goal.

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