How Much Is Renters Insurance For A One Bedroom Apartment?

How Much Is Renters Insurance For A One Bedroom Apartment? Find out here.

All things considered, the cost of renters insurance varies based on where you live and the amount and type of coverage you select.

How Much Is Renters Insurance For A One Bedroom Apartment?

Organization                   Month to month rate                 Annual rate

Lemonade                                 $15                                 $181

State Homestead                      $18                                 $217

Allstate                                     $24                                 $290

Farmers                                    $24                                 $293

Some items, like expensive jewelry or firearms, are not covered by basic protection for personal property. Instead, they come standard with separate limits that your insurer will cover if they break. Renters insurance will be more expensive if you add endorsements to your policy to modify your coverage for these or other types of items.

Floods, earthquakes, and sinkholes are not covered by the majority of insurance policies for apartment rentals. If you live in a place where these are common, you might want to pay more for extra coverages. Extensions of this kind can be costly. For instance, the National Flood Insurance Program’s flood insurance costs approximately $700 annually on average.

Lemonade is the cheapest provider. State Farm, Lemonade’s most affordable rival, charges $36 more per year for a policy with $100,000 of liability coverage and $30,000 of personal property coverage.

Lemonade’s rates are even lower than Liberty Mutual’s, but the policy’s maximum amount of personal property coverage, $25,000, may not be suitable for renters with larger apartments or expensive items to insure.


Month to month Renters Insurance Rates by City and Company



Los Angeles

New York City

Washington DC


City               Aver monthly rate     Cheapest monthly rate         Cheapest Organization

Chicago                 $16                       $10                       Lemonade


Dallas                    $22                       $14                       Lemonade


Houston                $25                       $14                       Liberty Mutual*


Los Angeles           $21                       $19                       Allstate


New York City       $15                       $10                       State Farm


Philadelphia           $20                       $13                       Lemonade


Phoenix                 $19                       $14                       State Farm


San Antonio          $21                       $15                       Liberty Mutual*


San Diego             $16                       $10                       Lemonade


Washington DC     $13                       $10                       Travelers

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While how much insurance you buy is one of the most significant deciding variables of your value, it is not the one to focus on. Your renters insurance rate will also be determined by your location and insurance history. To find the best policy for you, we recommend comparing quotes from multiple companies.

The most affordable apartment insurance for you will depend on where you live, your insurance history, and the coverage options you select.


Lemonade: Best Renters Insurance for condos

Why it is perfect

Lemonade offers condo renters modest rates and solid client support.

Lemonade is the most ideal choice for condo insurance to get a fast, modest internet based statement — the whole cycle takes three minutes or less. Lemonade also consistently provides cheap apartment renters insurance. You can generally buy a $30,000 policy for around $15 per month.

Lemonade’s instinctive connection point makes it simple to get a modest policy by permitting you to modify your coverage.

Unfortunately, Lemonade is only available in 26 states and Washington, D.C. As a renter in a state without coverage, such as Florida, Idaho, or Utah, you will not be able to take advantage of its low rates.


State Farm: Best for packaging condo and vehicle insurance

Why it is perfect

State Farm has reasonable tenants and vehicle insurance contracts, alongside the most ideal packaging markdown that anyone could hope to find.

State Farm provides affordable coverage for apartment renters in all 50 states if you prefer to work with a major insurance company. At $18 per month, or $217 per year, State Farm is the second-cheapest overall.

Renters looking for other kinds of insurance such as car, business, or pet insurance, should also consider State Farm. It has auto insurance rates that are among the best in the nation. Furthermore, State Farm has the biggest auto-tenants packaging rebate — 4.7%.


What exactly is apartment renter’s insurance?

Tenants in apartments who have renters insurance are shielded from legal fees and damages caused by theft or damage to personal property.

The fact that apartment renters insurance does not cover the building’s structure makes it significantly less expensive than homeowners insurance. A landlord insurance plan should cover the costs incurred by your landlord in the event of damage to your apartment building.

A typical apartment renters insurance policy covers personal property damage, liability, and loss of use or additional living expenses. You can alter your policy’s expense by changing any of the constraints of your insurances autonomously. The most widely recognized loft leaseholders protection coverages are:

  • Personal property insurance which covers losses like fire or theft that cause damage to your possessions.
  • If someone is hurt in your apartment or if you damage their property, your personal liability insurance will pay for a lawsuit.
  • In the event that your apartment becomes inhabitable, additional living expenses or loss of use coverage will assist in covering your costs. This includes expenses for moving, lodging, or food if you cannot cook in your temporary home.
  • If a guest gets hurt in your apartment, medical expenses will only cover a portion of the cost.


Common Misperceptions Regarding Renters Insurance

Common misperceptions regarding renters insurance may prevent you from obtaining the appropriate coverage for your circumstances.

  1. Misconception: My personal property is covered by my landlord’s insurance. Despite what many renters believe. A landlord’s insurance does not cover a tenant’s personal property. In most cases, a landlord’s insurance only covers the unit or building where you live. Insurance for personal property, liability, and expenses related to use loss are entirely the responsibility of renters.


  1. Misconception: My belongings are not valuable enough to be covered by renters insurance. Almost everyone’s personal belongings are worth more than they realize. According to Allstate, what can fit in a standard two-room apartment costs about $30,000 on average. At the point when you compute the worth of your possessions, you would not believe the amount it is really worth. Even if a renter does not own any personal property, renters insurance still provides coverage for liability and loss of use.


  1. Misconception: Renters insurance is costly whereas it is typically affordable. In the United States, renters insurance costs $215 annually, or $18 per month. That is a lot less expensive than mortgage holders protection which costs a normal of $1,516 each year.


Who Should Get Apartment Insurance?

The most likely candidates are limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. Most of their 25.8 million units of commercial real estate are multifamily apartment complexes.

Although some may require apartment coverage, individual investors are more likely to own single-family and duplex rental homes. Individual real estate investors hold 16.7 million properties and 22.7 million units.

What are the prospects?

The long-term outlook for the multifamily sector as an investment class is favorable due to ongoing, steady demand. The short-term outlook for the industry was negative in late summer 2020 because the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States was not contained then. The infection negatively affected the economy and pushed millions jobless.

Before COVID-19, catastrophic losses caused by wildfires, hurricanes, and hail damage were hardening habitual insurance markets. Therefore, even though there may be a rebound in demand, the apartment owner market is likely to face a greater challenge in locating insurance coverage that is both affordable and readily available.

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Who is covered by it?

Owners of apartment complexes are protected by apartment coverage. Individual investors and business entities like limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships are included in the range as earlier mentioned.

A person or company that manages a real estate property for a fee is known as a property manager. They are hired by property owners to oversee the day-to-day operations of their properties. In 2006, the Agency of Work Measurements Office of Word related Measurements detailed 329,000 property administrators utilized in the US.

Insurance for apartments guards against lawsuits and other forms of liability. It likewise covers lost lease pay related with protected losses experienced by the activity.

Other types of catastrophic property damage include:

  • Lawsuits brought by disgruntled employees and tenants;
  • Loss of income from rentals;
  • Fraud allegations;
  • Intentional litigious acts by employees;
  • Claims of misrepresentation;
  • Property injuries sustained by visitors, employees, and tenants;
  • Vandalism and theft


Business Owner’s Policy (BOP): A BOP is a bundle of coverage that includes commercial property, business interruptions, and commercial liability in one package.

Damages and losses to apartment buildings, related structures, and contents other than those owned by tenants are covered by commercial property insurance. Signage, fences, and other exterior fixtures are also included. In the Program Business market directory, you can see examples of typical commercial property coverages, limits, and features offered by Apartment Insurance Consultants (AIC):

  • Building Mandate or Regulation coverage A
  • Coverage B and C of the Building Ordinance or Law are included One million dollars all together for each location;
  • An extended period of insurance against rent loss: 180 days
  • Broken equipment: Included
  • All additional sources of loss for as little as $10,000 per location and per event
  • No Coinsurance


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