How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost In California?

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost In California – The typical expense of renters insurance in California is $204 per year, or roughly $17 every month. That is higher than the average of $179 every year at the national level.

On average, renters in San Francisco pay $207 per year, while those in San Diego pay around $198 per year.

In the 25 largest cities in California, the average cost of renters insurance is as follows:


How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost In California

City                       Average yearly rate                   Average month to month rate

Bakersfield                      $213                                         $18

Chico                              $190                                        $16

El Centro                        $209                                        $17

Fresno                            $196                                         $16

Los Angeles-Long

Beach-Anaheim               $221                                         $18

Madera                           $199                                        $17

Merced                           $193                                        $16

Modesto                          $198                                        $17

Napa                               $198                                        $17

Oxnard                           $201                                        $17

Redding                          $191                                        $16

Riverside-San Bernardino          $211                               $18

Sacramento                    $191                                        $16

Salinas                           $206                                        $17

San Diego                       $198                                        $17

San Francisco-Oakland    $207                                        $17

San Jose                                            $209                     $17

San Luis Obispo                                  $190                     $16

St Nick Cruz                                       $212                     $18

St Nick Maria-Santa Clause Barbara    $189                     $16

St Nick Rosa                                       $191                     $16

Stockton                                            $199                     $17

Vallejo                                               $195                     $16

Visalia                                                $190                     $16

Yuba City                                           $190                     $16


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The Best Low-Cost Renters Insurance Providers in California

Renters insurance costs less from the following businesses than the state average.

Company                        Average yearly rate         Average month to month rate

Auto Club of SoCal                   $102                               $9;

CSAA                                        $108                               $9;

CIG                                          $132                               $11;

State Farm                               $133                               $11;

Allstate                                     $147                               $12;

Pacific Specialty                        $149                               $12;

Mercury                                    $155                               $12;

Travelers                                  $185                               $15;

USAA*                                      $176                               $15.

*USAA renters insurance is only available to veterans, active-duty military, and their families.


About the companies

Auto Club of SoCal is one of the cheapest businesses: Auto Club of SoCal offers protection to AAA individuals in 13 California regions, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside. If you buy your auto and renter’s insurance together, you could save as much as 3.7% on your premiums. Note that your savings will need to be weighed against the $54 annual membership fee charged by AAA. (AAA occasionally provides promotional discounts.)


CSAA: If Auto Club of Southern California does not cover you in your county, you might be able to get a policy through CSAA, an additional AAA insurer. It provides service to more than forty counties in California, including Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Francisco. At the moment, annual membership fees start at $60. CSAA has drawn fundamentally more buyer protests to state controllers than anticipated for an organization of its size, as indicated by the Public Relationship of Protection Chiefs.


CIG: AAA renters insurance evaluation Identity theft coverage is included with CIG’s renters insurance policies. For an extra expense, you may likewise have the option to incorporate additional coverage for harm by earthquake, work space gear or important adornments. Capital Insurance Group, or CIG for short, is a subsidiary of Auto-Owners Insurance Group with headquarters in California.


The State Farm: State Farm renters insurance includes coverage for replacement costs as standard. This indicates that rather than deducting depreciation from the value of older items, the company will pay for brand-new replacements if your belongings are harmed or stolen. You can also add coverage for identity theft and cyberattacks for about $25 per year.


Allstate: Allstate renters insurance provides all of the expected fundamental coverage. However, you may also be able to purchase additional coverage for valuable items or identity theft recovery. On the company’s website, you can get a quote and learn about your coverage options, or you can work with an agent to get more direct assistance.

Pacific Specialty: Pacific Specialty, based in Anaheim, gives you options for deductibles and payment plans to customize your renters insurance rate. If you buy more than one policy, like renters insurance and auto insurance, you might also be eligible for a discount for bundling. According to the NAIC, Pacific Specialty has received significantly more complaints from state regulators than was anticipated for a company of its size.


Mercury: Mercury will cover computers worth up to $5,000, but you can get coverage for machines worth more if you raise limit. If your home has deadbolts, smoke alarms, and other safety features, you might be eligible for a discount. If your rental is in a community that has taken steps to protect itself from wildfires, you could also save money.


Travelers: Travelers is a good choice if you want a company that has been around for a long time. Since 1864, it has been in business. If you have Travelers renters insurance for your car, if you have not had any claims recently, or if your home has safety features like a sprinkler system, you might be able to save money. According to the NAIC, Travelers has received fewer consumer complaints than anticipated from state regulators for a company of its size.

USAA: Renters policies from USAA are only available to veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families. If you are qualified, these policies might offer an especially decent worth to Californians since they incorporate coverage for damage by earthquake.

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California’s Largest Renters Insurance Providers

There are advantages to purchasing renters insurance from an insurer with a larger share of the market. Your claims will be paid out by large businesses which commonly have greater financial strength. They likewise have more assets to put resources into which frequently means a superior client experience during the cases interaction.

Market Share of the Company:

  1. State Farm 6%
  2. Farmers 15.4%
  3. Liberty Mutual 6.4%
  4. CSAA 3%
  5. Allstate 5.9%


In California, renters insurance costs $238 per year. The state’s policyholders pay 49% more than the national average.

These are the typical costs for renters with a $500 deductible, $100,000 liability coverage, and $20,000 in personal property coverage.

Guarantors consider different elements while setting rates, so your statement may be unique. The cost of your insurance depends a lot on how much personal property you own.


What Factors Affect Renters Insurance Prices in California?

There are a number of factors that can affect renters insurance prices in California, including the following:


Postal division is significant on the grounds that regions with a higher crime risk, wildfire harm and unfriendly weather patterns commonly have higher rates.

Coverage Sum

The more inclusion you buy, the higher your premium.


To have your claim processed, you must pay a deductible. Because you are required to pay more for a policy with a higher deductible, the premium for that policy will be lower. A plan with a lower deductible, on the other hand, is more expensive because the carrier must pay more to cover your items.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) vs. Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

An ACV policy will pay less for your old possessions because it takes into account how much they will lose value over time. You can get a new item of the same kind and quality from an RCV policy. Because they pay less for each claim, ACV plans cost less. Although RCV packages cost more, they will result in a higher payout for your claim.

Credit Score

While other states may take your credit score into account when calculating your premium, California prohibits credit scores from influencing renters insurance rates.


Paying for renters insurance is a wise investment because it provides protection for your priceless possessions at a low cost.

While tenants protection is not needed in California, its expense is generally low contrasted with the typical month to month cost of lease. About 44% of people in the state rent, and the average monthly rent is $1,614. A basic policy with coverage for $20,000 in personal property, $100,000 in liability, and a $500 deductible has an average monthly premium of $20. This rate is 1.23 percent of the average rent paid each month.


What California Renters Insurance basically Covers

Check the specifics of your policy before purchasing California renters insurance. A standard renters insurance will cover personal property, insurance for liability, medical expenses as well as additional living costs.

In California, coverage for personal property will regularly pay for harms brought about by catastrophic events like twisters, wildfires and others.


What California Renters Insurance Does not usually Cover

Before you buy a renters insurance package, find out what it does and does not cover. You can use this data to report claims that have been approved and are accurate.

Tenants insurance in California does not cover all circumstances. For instance, your insurance policy might not cover the following issues:


Event                              Description

Flooding                         Coverage usually covers water damage caused by ruptured pipes, but extreme weather-related flooding is commonly excluded. Flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is recommended because flooding is quite common in California.

Earthquake                     A standard policy does not cover damage from an earthquake. Due to its location on a fault line, California is susceptible to earthquakes; consequently, it is recommended that additional earthquake coverage be purchased.

Structural Damage          The frame and structure of a landlord’s property are not covered, so they must purchase additional coverage.

Property of a Roommate Because your roommate’s belongings are not covered,

they will need to purchase their own policy.

Costly Items                    You need to get additional coverage for expensive things and resources as they are prohibited from standard renters insurance policies.



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