Groups Gather Near Disney World to Protest Company’s Stance on Florida Education Law

Several people came out Saturday to rally against Disney near one of the park’s entrances.

Protesters said they are not happy with the company’s so-called political agenda.

Channel 9 saw protesters holding signs calling Disney “groomers” and asking them to revoke Disney’s autonomy.

The governor signed the controversial bill more than two weeks ago.

It bans schools from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

Disney has slammed it, saying it never should have passed and it’s the company’s goal to help repeal the law.

One of the protesters, Adam Francisco, said Disney is on the losing side of this battle, and claimed Disney is coming after people’s kids.

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“I don’t think kids should be learning about sexuality or gender until they’re a certain age,” Francisco said. “And it should be up to the parents and the parents’ side. And if the teachers are going to do it, it should be parental approval.”

Channel 9 reached out to Disney asking what they thought of the rally and if they had a statement in response to protesters calling them “groomers,” but no response was received.