Cost Of Mobile Home Insurance In Florida

Are you seeking to find out the Cost Of Mobile Home Insurance In Florida? This article will cover everything you need to know. Depending on where you are, the cost of mobile home insurance can range anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per year.

Although mobile home insurance is not required in Florida, homeowners often have to have it in order to get a loan from mortgage lenders.

Mobile home insurance in Florida ensures that you have financial protection in the event that your home is damaged, regardless of whether it is required. Before signing up for coverage, you should compare quotes from different Florida mobile home insurance providers.

Florida residents and property owners can get insurance for manufactured and mobile homes. Mobile and manufactured home insurance policies are similar to home insurance policies in Florida, but there are some differences. Knowing what your policy covers is helpful when considering purchasing insurance for your mobile or manufactured home.

The most common types of coverage on mobile home insurance are: Dwelling, structures, personal belongings, liability coverage, guest medical coverage, and other available optional coverages.

In most cases, mobile home insurance costs more in Florida than homeowners insurance for a traditional-style home. This is due to the fact that mobile homes are more prone to damage and require more money to repair. Mobile home insurance companies frequently give homeowners who add wind-resistant features to their homes discounts. However, shopping around and comparing quotes is the best way to save money on mobile home insurance.


What factors influence Florida’s mobile home insurance rates?

Rates on Florida mobile home insurance are influenced by a number of factors.

  • Where you reside: Mobile home insurance rates typically rise in areas with higher land values, more severe storms or wildfires, or more crime.

Factors like a foundation that is skirted or enclosed as a base and tie-downs that ensure the mobile home is properly anchored in accordance with local or state code requirements can reduce the cost of insurance. Your premiums may also be lower if your house is in an approved mobile home park.

Tropical and hurricane storms Florida is frequently in the path of tropical and hurricane storms due to its coastal location. A mobile home policy does not cover flooding, which is common during powerful storms but insurance companies in Florida are required to expand coverage against wind damage from named hurricanes. For coverage, you will need to purchase additional flood insurance from a private home insurance company or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


  • The value of your house: For instance, the cost of insurance for a single-wide home in a Florida mobile home park is likely to be lower than for a double-wide home on your own private land.


  • Age of your house: Due to the inherent dangers of damage, older mobile homes can be challenging and costly to insure. If you live in a mobile home that is older, especially one that was built before June 1976, it might be harder and cost more to insure. Even though you may only have a few options for insurance, you can still compare prices from a few providers to find the best deal. Additionally, the fact that age can have an effect on a house’s condition may increase premiums.


  • The necessary liability insurance.


  • Your insurance for personal property.


  • Your fee deductible: Your insurance premiums will be slightly lower if you select a higher deductible. While lower deductibles may provide you with even more peace of mind, they will also raise your mobile home insurance premiums in Florida.

If you finance your manufactured or mobile home, flood insurance may be required. For hurricane damage, mobile home insurance providers frequently have a separate deductible, which may be a flat fee or a percentage of your manufactured home’s value.

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Since wind is covered by most standard insurance policies, the term “windstorm insurance” is somewhat misleading. Moreover, Florida requires home insurance agency to cover the breeze harm caused by typhoons and hurricanes. You should be aware of how your insurance policy handles wind damage, particularly damage caused by named storms, as there may be a wind deductible that is higher than the deductible for other types of damage. However, if you agree to pay for all wind damage to your mobile home, you can deny windstorm coverage.

Cost Of Mobile Home Insurance In Florida

In 2022, mobile home insurance will be a type of homeowners’ insurance designed specifically for manufactured or mobile homes. Policies for mobile home insurance are available from both well-known firms like State Farm and lesser-known specialty firms like American Modern.

Depending on the policy and the type of home, manufactured home insurance or mobile home insurance is just like any other homeowners insurance policy. It protects you from liability and covers your home and personal belongings.

An HO-7 policy is the industry name for mobile home insurance. It was made specifically to meet the requirements of mobile homes. Depending on where you are, the cost of mobile home insurance can range anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per year.

However, a ZIP code can have a significant impact on how much manufactured home insurance costs. Due to its extreme weather, Florida may be the most expensive state. Depending on the county, the average cost of mobile home insurance in Florida is between $860 and $2,400, with the majority of counties charging $1,000.

Who are the biggest Manufactured house Insurance Agency in Florida?

As of now, there are 260,000 proprietors involved in manufactured homes insurance. The biggest 5 organizations give 78% of manufactured home insurance contracts. 4 out of the 5 organizations are private guarantors.

The biggest organizations may not be awesome for your home. They may simply be the main organization offering protection in a specific region.

Important Takeaways

  • Insurance for mobile homes provides financial protection for your manufactured or mobile home, personal property, and liability.
  • The most well-known mobile home insurance providers are Allstate and State Farm, while smaller manufactured home insurance providers Assurant and Foremost are available.
  • Mobile home insurance rates are influenced by a number of factors, including claim history, location, and coverage limits.


Which mobile home insurance providers are the best?

The best mobile home insurance company for you will depend on your specific requirements but to help you choose, we’ve compiled ratings data for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Specialty insurance companies like Foremost are among the choices.

  • Allstate offers specialized coverages such as personal property endorsements for items of higher value, reimbursement for green improvements, and sports equipment. You will receive a multi-policy discount as well as discounts for original owner, retired individual, and security system if you already have other Allstate policies.


  • American Modern (AMIG) offers rental coverage if you intend to rent your mobile home out. American Modern takes risks that other companies won’t, like owners with bad credit, and offers coverage for vacant homes.


  • Assurant: In order to offer policyholders manufactured home insurance, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive have collaborated with Assurant. You can buy mobile home insurance online because Assurant provides quotes for manufactured homes online. Assurant’s goal is to simplify manufactured home insurance by providing coverage for risks like earthquakes and floods that other mobile home insurance companies may not cover. Most of the companies that offer these kinds of protections let you choose not to have them, but Assurant makes them part of a standard policy for mobile homes.


  • Foremost claims to have been the first insurer to cover mobile homes. The company offers manufactured home insurance to the vast 37 million AARP members’ network. Since Foremost will not deduct depreciation on your damaged property, the replacement cost coverage endorsement could increase your property damage settlement by 20%.
  • State Farm: earthquake and volcanic explosion coverage might be unusual. Utilizing manufactured home model-year discounts or bundling manufactured home insurance with State Farm auto, home, motorhome, and off-road vehicle insurance can help you cut costs on your policy.


  • American Family: a unique endorsement like matching siding is provided by American Family Insurance, which only covers manufactured homes in 19 states. You can get coverage for as little as $25 per year, and it will pay up to $20,000 to replace all siding rather than just a small portion to make it match.


  • Farmers designs its policies for mobile homes to give you options for how to get paid if your property is damaged or lost. You will receive the entire insurance policy in one lump sum with an agreed-value loss settlement, allowing you to rebuild or purchase a new home more quickly. If you add optional replacement cost coverage, instead of receiving the item’s depreciated value, you will receive the cost of buying new ones.

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